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Sicut Cervus

lundi 26 février 2018

Fifth International

Sacra Liturgia Summer School

La Garde-Freinet

(Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur)

83680, France

27 July - 8 August 2018

An English-language liturgical summer school following on from the international Sacra Liturgia conferences in Rome, New York, London and Milan and the 2014-2017 summer schools organised by the Monastère Saint-Benoît of the Diocese of Fréjus-Toulon, France.

Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke
celebrates Pontifical Mass at the Throne:
Feast of the Assumption, Summer School 2017
Designed for families, individuals and groups of clergy and laity who wish to holiday in Provence in the South of France whilst having the opportunity to be formed in the Sacred Liturgy and to participate in liturgical celebrations according to the usus antiquior of the Roman rite.

Cardinal Sarah at Sacra Liturgia Milan, June 2017
This year we have the privilege of welcoming His Eminence, Robert Cardinal Sarah, Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments. His Eminence will celebrate Pontifical first Vespers and Solemn Pontifical Mass at the Throne for the Tenth Sunday after Pentecost  (28/29 July). Bishop Dominique Rey, Bishop of Fréjus-Toulon, be present at II Vespers of the Sunday together with the Cardinal after which His Eminence will give a conference on the Sacred Liturgy entitled "Liturgy and Interiority."

The programme includes pilgrimages to and the celebration of solemn Mass in the Royal Basilica housing the relics of St Mary Magdalen at St Maximin-La-Sainte-Baume and the chapel housing the relics of St Roseline of Villeneuve (†1329) - details below. A visit to the ancient Cistercian Abbey of Le Thoronet is also possible.

Solemn Mass in the Royal Basilica of St Mary Magdalene,
St-Maximin-La-Sainte-Baume, Summer School 2017
The summer school includes practical formation in Gregorian chant (for beginners and for those more advanced), and in the ceremonies of the usus antiquior for priests and seminarians wishing to learn how to celebrate Low Mass, how to serve as deacon and subdeacon, and for seminarians and servers who wish to learn more about the rites and how to serve as a Master of Ceremonies. 

The daily schedule gives over the mornings to practical training (approximately 14 hours of tuition in total), with presentations and discussions taking place in the evenings after vespers. Afternoons are free for relaxation and exploring the region.

A village scene during the 2017 Summer School
The mountain village of La Garde-Freinet, situated in a wine growing region some 20 km from Saint-Tropez and approximately 15 km from the Mediterranean sea, is an ideal holiday location with mountain walks, a Provencal market, shops and restaurants. English is widely spoken in the village. Participants will arrange their own accommodation, meals and transport. For further information on the village, including local accommodation available for rent, see here. The secretariat may be able to help individuals in finding accommodation in the village if necessary.

The nearest airports are Toulon/Hyeres, Nice and Marseille from which one can hire a car to use in getting to and from the village, for use whilst there, and for the pilgrimages. The nearest railway station is Les Arcs/Draguinan from which in August there are buses to La Garde-Freinet. French railway information can be found here and bus timetables here.

Practical training options:

Low Mass practice (for clergy and seminarians)
-   Textbook: J.B. O’Connell, The Celebration of Mass; a Study of the Rubrics of the Roman Missal.. (1964; reprinted by Preserving Christian Publications)

The Sacred Ministers at Solemn Mass including chants (for clergy and seminarians)
-      Textbook: Fortescue, O’Connell, Reid, The Ceremonies of the Roman Rite Described, 15th ed., Burns & Oates 2009.

Sung Mass (missa cantata) including chants (for clergy and seminarians)
-     Textbook: Fortescue, O’Connell, Reid, The Ceremonies of the Roman Rite Described, 15th ed., Burns & Oates 2009

Serving low, sung and solemn Mass (men and boys)
-     No textbook is required, but those who wish may bring: Fortescue, O’Connell, Reid, The Ceremonies of the Roman Rite Described, 15th ed., Burns & Oates 2009

The chant of the Mass and Office (any participants - beginners, intermediate & advanced)
-     Tutors will be in touch regarding materials to bring. Most music will be provided.

A "masterclass" for Masters of Ceremonies (experienced servers, seminarians and clergy)
- Participants in this masterclass should have access to at least the ceremonial books mentioned above.

Registration is possible for the whole Summer School
or for individual days.

Registrants are responsible for their own accommodation, transport and meals. Where possible the secretariat will try to help individuals, particularly students and seminarians, who need to share accommodation or transport. 

In addition to the daily schedule below, the programme includes the following:

Wednesday, 1st August, 16h00: Solemn Mass in the Royal Basilica of Saint Mary Magdalen, St Maximin la Sainte-Baume, followed by veneration of the relics and vespers. A private visit to the sanctuary of St Mary Magdalene in the mountains of La Sainte-Baume is possible beforehand.

Solemn Requiem Mass on Thursday, August 2nd at 09h00.

Incensing the incorrupt remains of Saint Rosaline of Villeneuve
during the pilgrimage to her chapel in 2017.
Saturday, 4st August, 11h30: Solemn Mass in the Chapel of Saint Rosaline of Villeneuve, Les Arcs, preceded by Terce and followed by the veneration of the relics.  A private visit to the historic Abbey of Le Thoronet is possible in the afternoon.

Sacra Liturgia is profoundly grateful to the Very Reverend and Reverend Curé’s of St Maximin la Sainte-Baume and Les Arcs for their kind welcome.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Summer School participants.
Normal Daily Schedule

[Although it does not form part of the summer school programme,
participants may participate in the Monastic Office of Matins 

at 04h00 if they wish.]

Lauds: 06h00 (followed by private Masses)
Prime: 07h30
Confessions: 08h30
Terce: 08h45
Sung Mass: 09h00
Practical training: Chant/Ceremonies: 10h15
Break: 11h15
Practical training: Chant/Ceremonies: 11h30
Sext: 12h45
None: 14h00

Vespers: 18h00
Aperitif & social time/Evening discussion: 18h30
Compline: 19h30 

mercredi 31 janvier 2018

Sacra Liturgia Forthcoming Events

We are pleased to announce the following forthcoming Sacra Liturgia events.

Sacra Liturgia Fifth International Summer School,  Monastère Saint-Benoît, La Garde-Freinet, Provence, France, 27 July - 8 August 2018

Practical training in Gregorian chant and liturgical ceremonies for laity, clergy, religious and seminarians in the Provencal village of La Garde-Freinet. The programme includes the daily singing of both the Mass according to the 'usus antiquior' and the full Monastic Office, as well as pilgrimages to local shrines.  Further details and registration details will be published here and on Sacra Liturgia social media in February.

His Eminence, Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke, addresses the 2017 Summer School

Sacra Liturgia Toronto, 17 - 20 June 2019

The fifth Sacra Liturgia international academic conference will be held in Toronto, Canada, in June 2019, with the blessing of His Eminence, Thomas Cardinal Collins, Archbishop of Toronto. The conference will be English language and will feature the participation of their Eminences Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith and Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke, Bishop Peter Elliott and leading liturgical scholars. Further details will be announced here and on Sacra Liturgia social media throughout 2018.

samedi 15 juillet 2017

Text of the Opening Address of His Eminence, Robert Cardinal Sarah, to Sacra Liturgia Milan, on 6 July 2017

It is our privilege to publish the official English/ French/Italian text of the Opening Address of His Eminence, Robert Cardinal Sarah, to Sacra Liturgia Milan, on 6 July 2017. The PDF file may be accessed here.

Whilst respecting the possibility of unofficial translations of small excerpts of the text for the purpose of reporting, the translation and/or publication of the whole text requires prior permission and confirmation of the translation.

(The next Sacra Liturgia event is the annual summer school in Provence in the south of France from 5-17 August 2017, with the participation of His Eminence,
 Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke. Further details here.)

Texte officiel de l'allocution d'ouverture de son éminence, Robert Cardinal Sarah, à Sacra Liturgia Milan, juillet 6, 2017

Il est notre privilégié de publier le texte officiel (anglais / français / italien) de l'allocution d'ouverture de son éminence, Robert Cardinal Sarah, à Sacra Liturgia Milan, juillet 6, 2017. Le fichier PDF peut être consulté ici.

Tout en respectant la possibilité de traductions non officielles de petits extraits du texte aux fins de reportage, la traduction et / ou la publication de l'intégralité du texte nécessitent l'autorisation préalable et la confirmation de la traduction.

(Le prochain événement de Sacra Liturgia est l'école d'été annuelle en Provence dans le sud de la France du 5 au 17 août 2017, avec la participation de Son Eminence, Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke. Plus de détails ici.)

Testo ufficiale della allocuzione di apertura della Sua Eminenza, Robert Cardinal Sarah, a Sacra Liturgia di Milano, il 6 luglio 2017

È il nostro privilegio pubblicare il testo ufficiale (inglese / francese / italiano) della allocuzione di apertura della Sua Eminenza, Robert Cardinal Sarah, a Sacra Liturgia di Milano, il 6 luglio 2017. È possibile accedere al file PDF qui.

Pur rispettando la possibilità di traduzioni non ufficiali di piccoli estratti del testo ai fini della stampa, la traduzione e / o la pubblicazione di tutto il testo richiede l’autorizzazione precedente e la conferma della traduzione.

(Il prossimo evento Sacra Liturgia è la scuola estiva annuale in Provenza, nel sud della Francia, dal 5 al 17 agosto 2017, con la partecipazione della Sua Eminenza, Raymond Leo Cardinale Burke. Ulteriori dettagli qui.)

samedi 17 juin 2017

Sacra Liturgia Milan: Concluding Remarks

We have reached the end of our four days of Sacra Liturgia Milan. I congratulate you on your perseverance!

In these days we have been blessed to be able to celebrate the Sacred Liturgy according to the great and rich tradition of the Ambrosian rite. We have been privileged by the presence of holy men and to learn from great scholars. We have made new friends and have shared our concerns and our hopes for the liturgical renewal that the Church of our day so desperately needs.

My brothers and sisters, the graces given to us in these days have been given to us by the Providence of Almighty God for a definite reason. Perhaps we do not ourselves yet know how God wishes us to use all that he has given us. But he has brought us together here for His purposes, which, if we remain faithful to Him, He will reveal to us through our lives and ministry, each of us according to our different vocations.

Perhaps there is one thing that each of us can do: that is, to accept and repeat the call of His Eminence, Cardinal Sarah, to reflect deeply on the value of receiving the Blessed Eucharist in Holy Communion kneeling and on the tongue—in our catechesis of children, in our formation of young people and of seminarians and religious, and in our own personal practice. ....

We have held Sacra Liturgia Conferences in 2013, 2015, 2016 and 2017. At this time there is no definite plan for a Sacra Liturgia Conference in 2018, but some proposals are being examined for future years. We welcome proposals from people, especially from bishops and people who wish to wish to do a lot of hard work in organising a conference .

This afternoon our conference will conclude at the Metropolitan cathedral with solemn vespers, exposition and Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacrament and with the singing of the Te Deum. I must leave earlier for an engagement in Toulon and I ask you to excuse my absence: Dom Alcuin will represent me there.

There is much for which to give thanks and praise at vespers this evening. Sometimes the liturgical apostolate is hard: there are many challenges. But as you sing the Te Deum be thankful for all that we have been given in these days. And after the Te Deum, at the altar of Blessed Ildefonso Schuster, where this conference will conclude, beg his intercession. Ask this holy monk, archbishop and cardinal to obtain for us the graces necessary to be zealous and faithful apostles of the Sacred Liturgy.

I thank you for your presence at Sacra Liturgia Milan.

May God bless you all.

+Dominique Rey
Bishop of Frejus-Toulon

vendredi 16 juin 2017

Photographs from Sacra Liturgia Milan

Photograph albums from Sacra Liturgia Milan may be found through the links below. Photographs of greetings following addresses or during coffee breaks are included in the album of photos of the preceding address.

Permission is granted for their use on condition of the acknowledgement that photographs are copyright © Sacra Liturgia.

June 6: Sung Mass in the Ambrosian rite (usus antiquior) in the presence of H.E. Robert Cardinal Sarah, church of S. Maria della Consolazione: 

June 6: Opening Vespers in the Ambrosian Rite (usus antiquior) in the presence of H.E. Robert Cardinal Sarah, Baslica of St Ambrose:

June 6: Message of H.E. Angelo Cardinal Scola, Opening remarks by Bishop Dominique Rey and Innaugural Address by H.E. Robert Cardinal Sarah: 

June 7: Address by Fr. Michael Lang: 

June 7: Address by Dom Alcuin Reid: 

June 7: Address by Prof. Jennifer Donelson:

June 7: Addresses by Prof Cesare Alzati & Msgr Ennio Apeciti:

June 7: Missa Solemnis in the Ambrosian rite (usus antiquior) in the presence of H.E. Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke, church of S. Alessandro in Zebedia:

June 8: Address by Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke: 

June 8: Addresses by Msgrs Marco Navoni, Claudio Magnoli and Fr. Vincenzo Nuara OP

June 8: Cultural visits to the Metroplolitan Cathedral and the Biblioteca Ambrosiana:

June 8: Votive Pontifical Mass of St Ambrose in Ambrosian rite (usus recentior):

June 9: Missa cantata in the Roman rite (usus antiquior) Chapel S. Francesco, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart 

June 9: Addresses of Abbot Christopher Zielinski and Msgr Timothy Verdon. Closing remarks: 

June 9: Closing Vespers in the Ambrosian rite (usus recentior) Te Deum & statio at the altar of Bl. Ildefonso Schuster, Metropolitan Cathedral (Duomo):

Videos of the liturgical celebrations may be accesses through this post: