Sicut Cervus

Sicut Cervus

lundi 24 juin 2019

Summer School (3-16 August) Presentations

In addition to the practical formation, the Sacra Liturgia Summer School (3-16 August 2019) will be augmented by four presentations:
His Excellency, Archbishop Thomas Gullickson:"Moving Forward – My Plea for Full Liturgical Restoration". His Excellency will address the participants following the celebration of Pontifical Vespers of the Transfiguration on August 6th.

Dr Jonas Vilimas will speak on his recently published critical edition of the “Liber continens gradualia cum antiphonis et quibusdam responsoriis ac prosis” (“A book containing graduals with antiphons and some responsories and proses”), which is kept in the library of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre.

Dr Vilimas’ publication consists of a scholarly study analysing the manuscript, with illustrations and musical examples, a commentary, a bibliography; a genre and alphabetical index of the chants in the book. This detailed publication is concluded with the colour facsimile of the whole manuscript.
Participants in the Summer School will be able to order copies at a preferential rate.

Brother Ælred of the MonastèreSaint-Benoît will give two presentations:
1. Embellishment & Exegesis: An Introduction to Tropes
Mediæval man's love for liturgy, coupled with his genius for exegesis, blossomed in the copious grafting of musical embellishments to liturgical texts. Variously dubbed tropi, versus, laudes, prosae, prosulae, or verba, they almost entirely disappeared in the wake of the Council of Trent. This presentation will re-examine some of these forgotten tropes, which can afford us a taste of the fruits of mediæval liturgical contemplation.
2. The Quest for Authentic Gregorian Chant
Papal approbation of the results of decades of musical-paleographic research by the monks of Solesmes famously led to the publication of the Roman Gradual and Antiphonal, both hailed as a veritable restoration of authentic Gregorian chant, too long been marred by substandard editions and decadent interpretation. But later research revealed that these editions themselves left much to be desired, and Sacrosanctum concilium called for the preparation of more critical editions of liturgical music, an appeal that has not been entirely heeded. This presentation will examine the reasons behind the Council Fathers' call, and the difficulties that have hitherto prevented its fulfilment.
The daily programme for the Summer School will be released in mid-July. Further details and registration are available here.