Sicut Cervus

Sicut Cervus

lundi 25 janvier 2016

Help seminarians and needy religious brothers and sisters to attend Sacra Liturgia UK 2016

A participant at Sacra Liturgia 2013, Rome
We have been contacted by a number of seminarians and poor religious men and women asking for assistance with their conference registration fee. Are you able to help with paying for a seminarian or religious brother or sister to participate in Sacra Liturgia UK 2016 and thereby to enhance their liturgical formation? If so, please pay the amount for a student registration using the link on the registration pager here and we shall give that place to one who needs it.

Or, if you wish to give an amount that is more or less than the registration fee, simply go to the “Support Us” page and when you reach the Paypal payment page add a special instruction that this donation is for the support of seminarians and religious who wish to participate.

Thank you and God bless you for your generosity and for your investment in the liturgical formation of our future.