Sicut Cervus

Sicut Cervus

vendredi 28 août 2015

Sacra Liturgia's 2015 Summer Events

It has been a busy summer for Sacra Liturgia, with the major conference in New York City in June and the summer school in the South of France in July. 

Sacra Liturgia USA's Facebook page contains summaries of the presentations, photos and links to reports on the New York conference. A full photo album, including the beautiful Corpus Christi Procession through the streets of Manhatttan, can be viewed on Flickr here.

The proceedings of the New York conference are due for publication in the summer of 2016. Full texts will not be available before publication. Details of the publication will be posted on this site and on Facebook in due course.

A photo album of the Sacra Liturgia 2015 Summer School, held for a second time in Provence in the South of France, is available on the central Sacra Liturgia Facebook page. A selection of photos of the pontifical liturgies for the feast of St Benedict is also available here.

News of Sacra Liturgia's 2016 events will be published soon.